Reviews – Newton_Street_Study_Group


Newton Street has been around since 1993. In that time, we have relied almost entirely on word of mouth for our services. We are proud to call many of our former students friends. 

Newton Street is a very special place for me. To this day, some of my most important intellectual growth occurred during the time I spent learning with Pam Moore and Fritz Engebretsen. I was regularly challenged, exposed to new ideas, and encouraged to tackle learning with new and innovative techniques that regularly paid off. And this was all after I graduated from Williams College. I can only imagine the impact they might have had earlier in my education, in high school or before. Pragmatically, they helped me prepare for the MCAT, which went very well, and helped me apply to medical school at the University of Washington where I was accepted on my first try. But beyond those specific goals, their influence on how I study and how I approach a problem has been even more lasting. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone seeking engagement and empowerment in their own thinking and learning.

WIlliams College, UW School of Medicine

“Newton Street: informative. Incisive. Inspiring. They are the smartest people I know.”

Bush, Franklin University 

“I had the great fortune of tutoring with Newton Street prior to finishing High School. To this day I consider it the beginning of my upper education and one of my most valuable educational experiences.

We started with basics of cracking exams and quickly moved on to laying a foundation that became the basis for my college studies and ultimately my career. The teachers of Newton Street instilled in me a confidence and a practice for getting to the root of knowledge: reading Homer in Greek, building analysis approaches from symbolic logic, and programming computers to model the world. By the time I went to college, I arrived with a new found respect for professors and an instinct to approach them as peers.”

 Lakeside,  Stanford 

“My time spent with Newton Street was extremely worthwhile and will benefit me in the future.”

Lakeside, Wesleyan, Stanford 

“I have been intrigued and amused by Newton Street’s approach to everything. Thought Strategies is an education I will never forget.” 

NW School, John’s Hopkins, Fordham

“Newton Street worked with me on everything. They added flavor and entertainment to standardized testing!”

NW School, Boston University

Not only did Newton Street help me raise my GRE math score from a 410 to a near-perfect 790, but, most importantly, it offered a profound and matchless learning experience. Pam and Fritz’s infectious love for learning and precisely tailored training shake awake one’s mind! I consider the time I spent at Newton Street the best educational experience of my life. If you are lucky enough to encounter Newton Street, do not pass by this once in a lifetime opportunity!”

M.Ed Harvard Graduate School of Education

“The teachers at Newton Street are incredible. They reach beyond the obvious to reveal the inner workings of complicated ideas and then repackage them so that they are handy tools that are easy to use.”

Lakeside, Dartmouth

“Through Newton Street I was able to meet my brain coaches. Newton Street made me realize that my own brain has far more power than any T1 calculator.”

Lakeside, Harvard

“This has been the best academic experience of my life: this is what school should be.”