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What we’ve been up to

Conversations with Journalists who Code:

Hang Out conversations with the hippest journalists in the English speaking world. Meet. Listen. Share. Get advice and learn how to take the next steps in journalism. 

Conversations with Journalists who Code is limited to 8 participating students at a time so it is an opportunity to network with the hottest names in the new news media.

Cognition @Big Rock Park

Working with elm environments, Newton Street informed the design of this public park with suggestions for brain based learning features. Specific attention to perception, memory and attention.

We continue to participate with the City of Sammamish as they work with local STEM school students to build out projects in the park.

Life Sciences: Get Involved

An interactive guide to biology resources available online for grades K-6

Academic program examples:

research project + exam
certified MOOC + exam
independent research projects
independent study
paideuma + academic support
writing, research + essay
standardized tests + paideuma

Our most interesting projects are yours

Our best work helps you achieve your project goals. Our energies are spent supporting you as you connect with peers, groups and mentors. As you produce your project, we help you to explore resources and work to make sure that you are well supported as you head down the road towards your next opportunity.

VoCab comics work the way your brain works: with stories and places and associations to ideas that you already have in your mind.

Try to forget a voCab Comic today.

You’ll find it’s easier to get gum out of your hair.