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Newton Street 

The Newton Street Study Group informs, supports and facilitates learning projects.

“The teachers at Newton Street are incredible.

They reach beyond the obvious to reveal the inner workings of complicated ideas and then repackage them so that they are handy tools that are easy to use.”

At Newton Street, we equip students with the skills necessary to achieve specific sets of tactical goals. And we don’t stop there. We support students to become successful life-time learners.

Learning is a process not a product. MIT’s Scot Osterweil posits that a faulty model of learning permeates our culture. The background assumption is that learning involves a transfer of information from the teacher’s brain to the student’s brain. This mistaken intuition is akin to assuming that the sun rises in the sky rather than that the earth revolves around the sun. The true explanation may counter your day-to-day experience but it makes big difference if you are trying to launch a spaceship to the moon.

Learning is not about absorbing information; it is an activity whereby you construct and internalize mental models.

The difference for learners is that you are transformed from a passive receiver to active creator. Not only can you get better at learning, you can discover your learning preferences, develop your own leaning style.

Students as creators need skills and a working knowledge of their brains’ natural processes to become successful autonomous learners. 


Agency. Intellectual Curiosity. Self-Awareness. Learning experts cite these qualities as desirable attributes for students. Newton Street invites you to consider that these powers are not innate—they aren’t magic— they are learnable. But transforming yourself involves risk. Learning new skills and doing new things requires that you leave your comfort zone. If you were planning to scale a mountain for the first time, you would hire guides and porters. The Newton Street Study Group is an intellectual sherpa service for learning projects.


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A profound and matchless learning experience. 

M.Ed Harvard Graduate School of Education

10 years ago

“Through Newton Street I was able to meet my brain coaches. Newton Street made me realize that my own brain has far more power than any T1 calculator.”

Lakeside, Harvard 


“This has been the best academic experience of my life: this is what school should be.”